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Fast Food vs Meal Prep

“It’s what I eat and what I do“

People these days have a rushed life so they don’t have time to prepare food, which in return leads to an unhealthy eating lifestyle. We don’t have time to cook at home so we get a habit of eating out without realizing we’re not eating properly.

What stops you from eating healthy? Is it time, money, or cravings?

First off, don’t let your cravings take over your mind!

Meal preparations can take you one day out of your week and help you prepare a weeks worth of meals.

Here are some tips to help you create healthy meals:

  1. Find different recipes
  2. Go freezer friendly
  3. Get proper containers
  4. Make it fun!
  5. Buy snacks (fruits, nuts, craisins, yogurt, granola, etc) *Less than 100 calories*

Eating healthy food can make you full faster and satisfies your cravings. Rather than eating fast food that makes you sick when you consume big portions, it lacks the nutrients that you need to sustain your body which causes you to still be hungry after.

Instead of going to vending machines and grabbing a Snack you can easily grab an apple and take your lunch to work. To your eyes it may seem that fast food is delicious but for your body it’s not.

“The average American spends $232 per month eating meals prepared outside of home.”

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